Sunday, November 16, 2008

November Fine Art with Jessa from Chicago

Yeah, I know..... I put the Glamour aside for a shoot and did some Fine Art Nudes. Don't get used to it, LoL!

November Shoot with Stephy C

Stephy came over from Purdue to knock out a couple of poses for a digital art piece I'm doing in cooperation with Moudy Fayed. That will be out within the next 6 weeks. We got a couple of shots on the side while she was here.

October shoot with Kate

Chicago Kate's very first shoot! Pretty darn good for a first timer!!!

October shoot with Becca Saurez

From Peru, Illinois....Becca is a Newbie with lots of potential.

October shoot with Meka

Meka invited me up for a 3rd shoot in her Chicago Gold Coast Penthouse Apartment. Meka's the bomb, a Playboy model who really knows her stuff!

Early October shoot with Kekepania Nani

Stephanie's from the Quad Cities. We had shot together last summer for about 15 minutes so she came back for a full shoot. One of the most beautifull women I've ever shot!

September 25th shoot with Danielle Kauffman

Danielle came over from Des Moines, Iowa for a combination of Studio and 1 very memorable location shot!