Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 11 Shoot with Terrace

Yay! Terrace gave me a second chance, LoL! Last summer I got a message on MM from Terrace asking if I wanted to shoot. I glanced at her portfolio very briefly and thought she was cute but didn't look close. I noticed she was from Peoria and just didn't take her seriously like the true dumbass I am. So I told her to bring some jeans and a few tshirts and we'd bop around downtown Peoria and shoot.

Serious mistake! 15 Seconds in I realized I had a true pro in front of me and because of my stupidity she didn't have the clothes with her to do what I really needed to be doing with her.

So a year later Terrace's busy schedule finally allows her to give me a second chance and this is some of the results.

Monday, September 8, 2008

August 24 Shoot with Bri Stiles

Bri is a Quad Cities MotorX rider on a bigtime scale who drives over to shoot with me from time to time. She's a newbie to modeling and really has no idea how beautifull she really is. Now that she's finally starting to branch out and shoot with different quality photographers, I'm very excited to see what she's capable of.

August 13 Shoot with Sarah Alexis

Sarah came down from Chicago with a ton of Attitude! Very fun shoot, she's a blast!

August 9 Shoot with Brittney

From Southern Illinois, Brittney was in Peoria for a Family Reunion and asked me to shoot. She's a newbie who's going places.

August 7 Shoot with Ashley

Wow! What a bod, LoL! Ashley came down from Northern Wisconsin and flashed some serious talent at me.

August 5th Shoot with Rebecca

Rebecca was moving from Boston to KC and contacted me to shoot on her way. I'm extremely glad she did.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Angie and Brittany Part II


July 23 Shoot with Angie and Brittany

Two days actually, one on location and one in studio. The girls posted a thread on MM announcing they needed a photographer for them both for an idea they had, and I answered it. We never did their idea, but they both kicked butt with the stuff we did do!

July 15 Shoot with LynnJenni

Jennifer was in town on other business and contacted me to kill time with a shoot during her downtime. We hit a local junkyard, and yes that's a garbage bag she's wearing (her creation). It was a short shoot, and her free time was around noon, so the light was tough to control. Fun shoot though!

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